Super Nintendo World Challenge

Live Game Show

Experience Summary

Fans of Nintendo enter the world of Mario and his friends at New York’s Grand Central Terminal to compete for exclusive tickets to the opening of the world’s first ever Super Nintendo World, at Universal Studios Japan. 


Scripting, Talent Direction, Copy

Stand by Me 2 – Nobita’s Escape: XR Coaster

Placemaking lauded on Osaka news program.

Virtual Reality Coaster

Attraction Summary

When adult Nobita runs from his wedding and escapes through time, it’s up to us, young Nobita, and Doraemon to board a Time Scooter, bring him back and save the wedding!


Blue Sky, High Concepts, Scripting for Approvals, Translation Support, Safety Scripting, Placemaking

Ristorante Amore

Themed Character Dining Experience

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Attraction Summary

Lupin the Third’s done it again and is on the run from Inspector Zenigata – but even a thief’s gotta eat! Guests to Ristorante Amore dine in style, with a menu so good it’s criminal.


Blue Sky, High Concept, Story, Copy, Placemaking

Sherlock Holmes: The Curse of the Rose Sword

Immersive Theater Show with Media

Project Summary

When a faceless villain threatens a movie premiere, it’s up to Sherlock Holmes to determine the culprit and save the audience!


Research, Story Development, Treatment Development, Scripting, Translation Support, Placemaking


Returned from the Arthur Conan Doyle Estate with no notes

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Hunter x Hunter: The Real 4D

Part of

Cinema 4D Experience

Project Summary

Gon, Killua, and Kurapika infiltrate a Mafia auction where valuable treasures and dangerous creatures are on exhibit. But when their sworn enemy Hisoka appears, Gon and his friends must fight to save the audience, and an all out battle begins!


Research, Story Development, Treatment Development, Scripting, Translation Support, Licensor Collaboration