Ooh, a latte and wit. You know when they said dark roast, I thought they were referring to the coffee, not the customers.

-Dear Gravity

The Custom Wild

Screenplay Excerpt

When an indie band’s lead singer passes before they can fulfill the terms of their contract, they cover up his death and recruit a doppelgänger to join them on tour in this irreverent queer comedy feature.

Dear Gravity

Screenplay Excerpt

In this neo-noir homage, an unemployed pickpocket joins a street gang to make ends meet. In progressing up the ranks, he discovers the organization’s closet skeletons turn out to be his own.

Drawn Apart

Animated Short Script

In this animated short produced by the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Animation Department, a young girl struggles with her identity as an artist and must confront the meaning of the label in her own self-portrait.
Read about the project here.

Toon Boat Cheat Rash

Life in Pieces Spec Script

Greg, Jen, and Lark go to a theme park to meet Spongebob; Tim takes Tyler boating; John, Joan, Samantha, and Sophia play a shady game of monopoly; and Matt and Colleen babysit to test their parenting skills.