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As a show writer, I concept and create stories, scripts, and text for experiences, attractions, shows, and more.

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First Runner-Up in Cornell’s 2019 Theme Park Design Competition

Themed Land and Attraction

In this themed land and attraction inspired by Algonquian folklore, guests are invited to explore, engage, and enjoy the kingdom of eternal summer. But be warned, not everything is as it seems…
Responsibilities: Blue Sky, Research, Story Development, Design Narrative, Scripting, Copywriting, Language Development
Team Members: Arielle Spencer & Carlos Ginatta
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Destination: Imagination

Virtual Reality Experience

Guests are transported into space in search of an energy source for SCAD’s Space Station and discover the power of imagination.
Responsibilities: Treatment Development, Scripting, Writing for VR, Design Narrative, Writing with a Team
Written in collaboration with Amy Kole

(Photos courtesy of Maria Mondloch, SCAD District, and Unreal Engine)

Pascal’s Bakery

Live Show

The son of a baker gathers the courage to become a painter.
Responsibilities: Research, Scripting, Songwriting, Work with Translation, Game Development