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As a show writer for themed entertainment, I concept and create stories, scripts, and other materials for experiences, attractions, shows, and more.

These do not reflect projects in progress or under NDA. For more information or to discuss an opportunity, let’s connect!

Katmandu Park

Opening in Punta Cana, Fall 2022

Theme Park

Responsibilities: Story Development, IP Development, Media Scripting, Design Narratives, Mood Boards, Brand Guarding, Voice Talent Direction, Placemaking, Web & Marketing Copy, Spanish Translation

Falcon’s Central

Opening in Punta Cana, Fall 2022

Entertainment, Dining & Retail Destination

Responsibilities: Blue sky, Deck Copywriting, Experience Concepts, IP Development, Licensor Collaboration, Experience Name Conception

Sherlock Holmes: The Curse of the Rose Sword

Part of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Japan

Live Show with Media

When a faceless villain threatens a movie premiere, it’s up to Sherlock Holmes to determine the culprit and save the audience!
Responsibilities: Research, Story Development, Treatment Development, Scripting, Translation Support, Placemaking

Read the Placemaking Below!

Hunter x Hunter: The Real 4D

Part of Cool Japan at Universal Studios Japan

Cinema 4D Experience

Gon, Killua, and Kurapika infiltrate a Mafia auction where valuable treasures and dangerous creatures are on exhibit. But when their sworn enemy Hisoka appears, Gon and his friends must fight to save the audience, and an all out battle begins!
Responsibilities: Research, Story Development, Treatment Development, Scripting, Translation Support, Licensor Collaboration

Swotu Wayä Drum Circle

Part of TEA Award-winning Pandora – World of Avatar

Live Show

Visitors to Mo’Ara experience a connective and resonant authentic Na’vi ceremony.
Responsibilities: Research, Story Development, Scripting

Marvel Day at Sea

Cruise Line Event

Tony Stark brought a pretty super security detail to unveil his newest tech. With such high-profile passengers, there’s bound to be trouble…
Sub-Projects: Heroes Unite Deck Show, Mickey & Friends Super Hero Celebration, Captain America Star-Spangled USO Show, Photo Opportunities, Trivia
Responsibilities: Concept, Treatment, Scripting, Announcements, Trivia & Interactive Scripting, Copy, Proofreading

Stand by Me 2 – Nobita’s Escape: XR Coaster

Virtual Reality Coaster

When adult Nobita runs from his wedding and escapes through time, it’s up to us, young Nobita, and Doraemon to board a Time Scooter, bring him back and save the wedding!
Responsibilities: Script Translation Assistance, Safety Scripting, Placemaking

 Oceaneer Club Youth Programs

Aboard the Disney Fantasy

Interactive Live Shows

Young Disney Cruise Line guests train to save the world like an Avenger or use the Force like a Jedi.
Responsibilities: Research, Story, Treatment, Initial Scripting

Ristorante Amore

Themed Dining Experience

Lupin the Third’s done it again and is on the run from Inspector Zenigata – but even a thief’s gotta eat! Guests to Ristorante Amore dine in style, with a menu so good it’s criminal.
Responsibilities: Blue Sky, Concept, Story, Copywriting, Placemaking

Read the Copy Below!

Holidays in Minion Park

Area Seasonal Overlay

The Minions want to throw the girls the best holidays ever! But aren’t quite sure how… Their efforts result in hilarity and an excess of bananas. 
Responsibilities: Design Narratives, Story Development, Concept Development, Marketing Copy


First Runner-Up in Cornell’s 2019 Theme Park Design Competition

Themed Land and Attraction

In this themed land and attraction inspired by Algonquian folklore, guests are invited to explore, engage, and enjoy the kingdom of eternal summer. But be warned, not everything is as it seems…
Responsibilities: Blue Sky, Research, Story Development, Design Narrative, Scripting, Copywriting, Language Development
Team Members: Arielle Spencer & Carlos Ginatta

 Bon Voyage Adventure Breakfast

One of 2017’s Most Popular Character Dining Experiences on Disney Property

Character Dining Experience

Before their day’s adventures, Guests join fellow wanderers and wayfarers Rapunzel, Ariel and friends for a one-of-a-kind adventure-inspired breakfast!
Responsibilities: Voiceover Scripting, Adventure Book Development

Destination: Imagination

Virtual Reality Experience

Guests are transported into space in search of an energy source for SCAD’s Space Station and discover the power of imagination.
Responsibilities: Treatment Development, Scripting, Writing for VR, Design Narrative, Writing with a Team
Written in collaboration with Amy Kole

(Photos courtesy of Maria Mondloch, SCAD District, and Unreal Engine)

Saks Fifth Avenue’s “Once Upon a Holiday” Snow White Anniversary Celebration

Dedication Ceremony & Character Dining Experience

In honor of the 80th anniversary of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a live performance was held to debut Saks Fifth Avenue’s fairytale holiday windows. Throughout the winter of 2017, guests enjoyed an exclusive character dining experience within Saks in New York.
Responsibilities: Treatment Development, Design Narrative

(Photos Courtesy of Picturing Disney, 360 of Disney, Magical Adventures Await, Saks Fifth Avenue)

The Music of Pixar – Live!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios brings to life the music of Pixar with a live orchestra performance featuring characters and trivia.
Responsibilities: Script Review, Joke Development, Trivia
Mike Wazowski: How is an orchestra director like a lightning rod? They’re both great conductors!

Pascal’s Bakery – Live Show

The son of a baker gathers the courage to become a painter.
Responsibilities: Research, Scripting, Songwriting, Work with Translation, Game Development

Up! A Great Bird Adventure

Live Show with Birds

Russell and Dug earn their Wilderness Explorer Bird Badge.
Responsibilities: Research, Blue Sky, High Concept, Treatment

Harry Potter 5th Anniversary Celebration

During a close House Cup competition, Hogwarts’ professors decorate Hogsmeade to spark House spirit.
Responsibilities: Design Narratives, Concept, Story, Pitch Deck, Brand Guarding, Inspiration Board

Happily Ever After Nighttime Spectacular

Experience the hero’s journey through some of Disney Animation’s most memorable moments.
Responsibilities: Script Review, English & Spanish Announcements

Freezing the Night Away

Cruise Line Event

Responsibilities: Research, Supplementary Scripting for Deck Show, Game Development, Game Show Scripting
Created kid-friendly and adult versions of live game show modeled after $100,000 Pyramid for Azure Night Club, featuring categories inspired by Disney’s Frozen.

Additional Experience

Projects I’ve worked on for other companies cannot be posted online, however I’d be more than happy to further discuss the breadth of my experience one-on-one.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Blue Sky
  • Concept Development for
    • Live Shows
    • Festivals & Events
    • Virtual Reality
    • 4D Experiences
    • Roller Coasters
    • Dining Experiences
    • Retail
    • Meet and Greets
    • In-Park Activities
  • Scripting for
    • Live Shows
    • Games
    • Media
    • Mobile Application
    • Virtual Reality
    • 4D Experiences
    • Speeches & Ceremonies
  • Deck Creation
    • Inspiration Boards
    • Reference Boards
    • Mood Boards
    • Pitch Deck
  • Name Conception
  • Game Development
  • Narrative Design
  • World Building
  • Placemaking
  • In-Story Journalism
  • Writing for Translation
  • Language Standardization
  • Copywriting
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • World Theme Park Knowledge